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If you bluff like you don’t make mistakes, you lose the chance to do remarkable things.

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Let's be honest. We never learn from other people’s mistakes. So unless the scenario falls upon us, we always ignore the damage it could bring. No matter how hard we try.

Every person makes mistakes. Unfortunately, some people are ultimately good at concealing their errors, and some embrace them.

If you bluff like you don’t make mistakes, you lose the chance to do remarkable things. Instead, you’ll invest your time doing safe things. …

How writing can change us over the course of life.

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A book over my shelf, demanding my attention
As I walk past my forgotten thoughts of today
Of every day, thinking writing could change it all
And takes us far away from reality

Though we believe writing is useless
But how it holds on to memories, we can’t forget
Like looking at the sun
And knowing the light won't ever dim

No psychology can prove what writing does to our mind
When we visit our aisles of memories and thoughts
And save it for generations to read
Hoping to become something like the…

The worst-case scenario: the reader won’t read your article ever again.

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Writing has never been easier. With the span of time, writers have learned their best ways to make stories concise, less fluffy, and engaging. But what most writers suffer through is making their manuscript free from glaring mistakes and typos. It’s happened to most of us. However, not just them but we are faulty of making writing errors too.

Writing mistakes can detract from the overall impression of quality readers. This can lead to negative reviews and low ratings, which can have an undesirable impact on stats. …

Every time we write, we seem to record our experiences.

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The book I've held in my hands
Speaks more than a thousand thoughts
With each word grows a leaf
That saves us from the shadows of illiteracy

Book readers are writers, accept it
The relation delivers a pendulum of experience
The more knowledge we have
The better writers tend to write

The law of perfection walks aside writes
And they find a cloud of condensation to love and improve
To learn and write more than they know
All those things that keep them sane

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Boldness is only acceptable if it makes you a better person.

Elisabetta Sirani, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Porcia Catonis occasionally spelled as “Portia,” was a roman woman who lived in the 1st century BC. She was the daughter of a renowned roman stoic philosopher Cato the Younger — an enemy of the dictator Julius Caesar. Porcia is best known for her interest in philosophy and her failed marriages. She is also known for marriage (her second) to Marcus Junius Brutus, who intentionally took part in the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Although, much of her life was only documented with Cato (her father) and Brutus. …

Words do the magic each day — every day

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Clinging to the different synonyms
When knowing all means the same
The difference is only of words
How they dissolve and sink

They say every word reminds us of events
Every word hits us differently
I wonder what it's like
When you read the poem of mine

I wait for my story to dissolve, my words to hit
I wait for the readers to read again
And find solace in the words & events
We keep denying our lives

Thought is a great pen; words are the paper
After you write, or either fail it
That's why some people see motivational speeches

Noorain Hassan, BMS

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