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If you bluff like you don’t make mistakes, you lose the chance to do remarkable things.

Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash

Let's be honest. We never learn from other people’s mistakes. So unless the scenario falls upon us, we always ignore the damage it could bring. No matter how hard we try.

Every person makes mistakes. Unfortunately, some people are ultimately good at concealing their errors, and some embrace them.


I write from the heart; I use my environment and travels to inform my poetry. It comes naturally to me.

Image of the Author: Sabinah Adewole

Sabinah is a well-known author of eight books based in the United Kingdom. Her writing journey has inspired many people to begin their careers as writers (including me). Sabinah Adewole is a born poet, author, and a great inspiring woman.

For Sabinah, It all started when she continued to write…

Noorain Hassan, BMS

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