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We all are the colors in this painting, trying to blend with the moisture.

Life want’s to paint
Within the soft pastel
Caressing the brushes and thin edges
Making everyone’s life playful

Life is funny, a combination of jolly
We’re the characters and colors in it
Some colors hollow, and some primary
Blending to change again and again

That's why it remains unpredictable
As to who we will become
If black mixes with white
And makes offwhite instead of grey

We fear the paint, fear the life
If only paint would understand us
That it's only to we’re made up of clay
But no clay is without some color

Final Thought

Many people say that life…

What reminds us of rain reminds us of letting go

Little showers clasping in my palms
Wanting to breathe and die in the veins
How little were they
So fragile to touch yet so honorable

I tried to walk while rainwater bouncing on my palms
I wanted them to live, even if it cost me my life
The eagerness in my eyes, knowing I’ve lost so much
Not this little raindrops ever

The raindrops and teardrops glided into one
My face like a 3-year-old who lost her toys
I just had one thought
I wanted it to live

But it…

If you already had enough in your life, try living like stoics.

We’ve faced bad tidings for over a year now. But, viewing the news makes us feels awful; ignoring it doesn’t feel right either.

Recently, Psychologist Terri Apter wrote about the “phenomenon in human behavior.” She describes how catastrophic events reduce procrastination and lazy thinking.

But ultimately, we see over 70 catastrophes daily. Our catastrophes are far different from each other. Even when we solve one of our catastrophes, there are other ones ready for us.

Yes, it is!

This way, all of us are hardly surviving into a cooperative boil. Our human qualities of alertness, remedy, and compassion are turning…

Either we accept or not, we are all guilty of this.

Do you take things personally? Let’s check:

Consider inviting a friend to your place for a night stay, and she says, “Oh, sorry, I have to work.

However, later that night, you see her on social media having dinner with friends. Most of us would take these circumstances personally, believing that the other individual had ignored or deceived us.

We all would feel dishearted. This is because we all take things personally. It has become our habit. And it’s deadly!

What it means to take things personally

When taking things personally, we get annoyed and offended…

The mind says it all, where words couldn't reach.

In a fresh olive garden, sitting by the bench
With people passing and air stilling
I see you, and your beautiful aura
But little do we know it all works with the mind

We walked by, swing the brain waves into within
In the clotted cream of the brain
Where whatever lies is the way to the heart
The way to understanding people in less time

If only we know the way to the heart is through the brain
Love wouldn't be so hard to tackle as it is today
As we made…

Your writings can be either for yourself or your audience.

The slowest part of the process of “writing” is to analyze the audience. To analyze who your actual readers are and what they might want to read.

Readers and their opinions are always important. But a story can never please all the readers. Readers have their opinions on what they want to read, and hence, nobody can get into their minds.

The hard task where many writers fail is they write for the whole crowd. …

Something that fuels our writing thoughts.

Dozens of ideas, passing by
But writing only that matters
For people, to make their heart
Filled with the love of writing

While it may be a hard task to write
But writing for people always does it
When you wake up every day with an agenda
To make someone smile today

We surely need more writers who write for people
Lest for money but spreading knowledge
If you are one of those writers
Your knowledge shall never become scarce

Final thoughts:

Writers are surely a blessing. A writer isn't someone who can possibly write everything…

The world is no longer the world it used to be.

Dissolving much from despair
Knowing its time to walk away from depression
From thoughts that are no longer a reality
Because whatever we feel is not guided to be true

Words of wisdom reach our ear
Aches our soul, to stop believing in people
And start believing in the good ones
Or we shall lose our heart

But lest we listen, we try and keep trying
Until we reach distorted visions of mankind
With no hope to touch the world our historians saw
Because the world is no longer the world it…

You have to be brave enough to suck a little bit first.

You’re walking down a subway and see many different kinds of people—some holding their laptop bags to the chest and some listening to the songs zoning out. You try to figure out if any of them are successful in their lives, but you cannot.

In reality, successful people never label themselves as successful. They’re like normal human beings. You sit in front of someone who survived a family dysfunction, and you might not know.

Theory of successful people

A similar case happened with Vitalik Buterin, who bought 25,000 worth of bitcoin tokens and saved them in his wallet. The moment he tries to talk…

A risk of today that damages forever.

Little by little
We hope to change the world
The already ruined one, with no hope of coming back
Of course, reincarnation is for human, not for mankind

Gulping joy of the world is falling silent
The happy people aren't happy anymore
The people arent human anymore
Yet we hope to change people and not us

One day, all we’ll have is to regret
When no one would say hello when you pass by a street
When you fall between the black yellow zebra lines
As technology can never replace the bounties of…

Noorain Hassan, BMS

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