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If you bluff like you don’t make mistakes, you lose the chance to do remarkable things.

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Let's be honest. We never learn from other people’s mistakes. So unless the scenario falls upon us, we always ignore the damage it could bring. No matter how hard we try.

Every person makes mistakes. Unfortunately, some people are ultimately good at concealing their errors, and some embrace them.


This is what it takes to be a # 1 content creator.

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As you navigate through life, it’s likely your goals will change and evolve, both personally and skillfully.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, one thing will always remain the same: you’re never too young — or too old — to write.

The art of writing with the age

Countless people walk through therapy sessions to…

For Rosie, thousand times over.

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A few days ago, nobody had heard the word “Afghanistan” or “War” in a single sentence. Many believed the war in Afghanistan is just an attention-seeking stunt. But let me tell you, this war is real.

Rosie and the Afghan War

Not long ago, when I visited UAE for my…

Noorain Hassan, BMS

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