Then I came across something that changed my life.

Life and writing aren’t about that subordinate clause we read in our school. It’s something dark & unpleasant that makes us the ‘writer’ we are.

But, in real life:

We see many talented writers, and we envy them (all year long). We weave their achievements with black magic, fake leads, bogus publicity, and whatnot. Ever done that?

Everybody does. We forget that writers’ painful background still exists (even if we don’t know it yet). Two things make a writer:

  • You are a writer by birth, or
  • A drastic change in your…

Curated in Writing

(Hint: it doesn’t involve willpower)

Are you satisfied with what you write?

It seems like what every writer wants is to “write as much as they can.” 50 words? 200?….no, write until your fingers hurt.

Is this your blueprint of success? Ever thought?

A YES or NO question followed by either a sigh of relief (or a panic sweat.) What you do after, matters.

It’s not normal. It’s not healthy. It leads to repeated rejection and lousy writing. If it contains writing so that people will fancy it, you will not succeed elsewhere- not only Medium.

As it said, think before you speak; from today…

Write well to earn well

“I’m a writer.” I had never said this before I started writing my first E-book. I was very shy about it. Only a few close mates would know it. I was afraid of what people would say: “a beginner writer,” “Oh yeah? Which writing rules do you follow?” and the worst of them all: “all the writing advice takes to a pothole trench.”

Buddha’s writing advice is priceless. And when implemented rightly in our lives can make us better writers.

So, you better be doing what Buddha says.:

What is much more important than how others see you is how…

A 3 layer rule to make an idea yours

We’ve all heard a quote that’s nearly as famous as the writing itself: “To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.”

The quote is routinely attributed to the comedian Steven Wright but it actually appears to originate earlier than that, going back to the 1930s, where it was likely first said by Wilson Mizner.

Over the years, this quote brought astounding success to many writers, perhaps making it easier to survive in the writing career plateau. Each writer followed one pretty paper rule: stealing idea donations.

Luckily, these idea donations help successful writers to…

Poetry tribute to our elementary learning.

A letter bought to the warrior dead
His mind still framing with the love of success
People nor swooned, nor utterly
All the people watching said
He must think, or he shall die

Talk about Shakespeare or Kafka
Countless examples here are many
Only if you’d see
It all started from the school
A place, more home, and endless years

Like summer tempest comes with fear
The successful never dread a bit higher
Or they are made of stone, or not
Something we never explained yet
Befriended with education & luck

The world knows…

Top 4 Publications that are your savior in 2021.

Platforms have started to become crowded centers, can you deny?

The more writers — more stories — and eventually plethora of editors on board.

Seems like we all are, at some point, in a 24-hour hamster wheel. Various publications have stepped back and are not accepting new writers. And even if they haven't, some editors copy-paste a note of sorry…thanks for the submission.

At that time, what if I tell you that you can be fascinated with a private note?

There is a chance waiting to bring your morale down.

Are you wise enough to face it?

You are!

Private notes theology


You become what you write

The idea of scribing
had been reduced
to that of a merely
this- worldly tension

But scribing artists
teaches us that the beauty
is to think and read

The beauty of the

Writing what we see
not letting it disappear from our thoughts
but keeping it safe

The act of
happening to write every day
forgetting where the world belongs
and be available to the blank page
is driven from the love
not from the lack of time

Had I not told that
writing is a form of
wrestling with the time
same as going to a…

Our society gets to know about the struggles of an entrepreneur when they become one.

The youngest entrepreneur in the world is Hilary Yip — the founder of MinorMynas. Where is she now? Nobody knows.

According to Latin American Post, she has been interviewed countless times for her amazing contribution to education. Still, none of the people are interested in why or how she managed to be the entrepreneur we can never be. (Yet)

Here’s the thing: until we are spoonfed that someone has already become an entrepreneur, we don’t notice them. …

Flying within the grammars of life

The adrenaline that flows within us
The amor scents of roses in the morning sun
The sunlight’s shadows reflected in my memories
The love-driven songs played on the radio
The autumn's gone — our love that goes in fears
The present time doesn't let us make memories
We are to bind to forget the past and build new ones
New ones that remind us of buried times
Of unbalanced future like whirlpool past
They believe the history always repeats

The sleepless night have told me that
The truthful love condensed to believe
The dream that died — when I was still making…

Finding a creative designer is not a clickable link.

It’s no wonder that we need every kind of person in our workplace: the artist, the slow thinker, and the one who is not mentally present amongst us all.

But this shouldn’t be the reason you stop welcoming people from every subconscious background.

Respecting this decision, my company was a bit soft hand on hiring crew workers. And thankfully, we got to have many interviews, even with people who had never seen a desk before.

Rather than naming them “creative designers,” we called them “popcorn managers.”

So, it’s time to ask yourself. Does your startup business need a popcorn manager?

Noorain Hassan, BMS

Author | Entrepreneur | Educator | Counsellor | 19 years. Join my FREE weekly newsletter:

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